I went every day doing the same thing and getting no where, then finally I started tracking my results so I could improve my spending. At first, I did not have time to help myself. Whatever “it” was, it was an excuse. .

My reasons for needing a budget: I was making and living paycheck to paycheck.  I had to be willing to make that first step, which for me was to understand why we do what we do?

What kept me from having more of my money?  I was doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Below I reveal what probably you already know…
FIRST: Do you ever travel using technology to help arrive at your destinations faster? 

You’re not alone, someone very close to me recently planned a beautiful vacation for his family. He decided to save money, he would drive his family to Florida.  3 states away from home!

This obviously was a good decision due to flights for 4 people being expensive. Unfortunately while on the road he forgot one thing, his GPS system.

My friend decided that with road signs and heading south he will arrive to his final destination around the same time frame.

Unfortunately for my friend, he was incorrect with his calculations; the good news is that they were able to spend more quality time together across 3 states. They were able to stop more frequently at the gas pump, rest stops, restaurants, hotel, etc… I wonder if his wife and children were having as much fun as him?

The great news is that they all arrived at their destination only one day late. Has anything like this ever happened to your family or loved ones?  Maybe they need a GPS as well.
I would say that its highly likely,  we have made similar mistakes. I suggest to start learning how to save more by establishing your very own GPS. I can provide you absolutely FREE… A 13 category spreadsheet developed to track Your Spending … Ask A Consultant Today