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Privacy Policy

Enhancing Privacy and Security at

Commitment to Safeguarding Data At, every role significantly impacts privacy, security, and confidentiality. Our associates commit to protecting all data from unauthorized access or misuse, adhering strictly to our privacy policy. This includes safeguarding client data and company-owned information.

Three-Tier Compliance Strategy We adopt a best-practice compliance approach, layered with federal and state laws, to ensure utmost security. Moreover, we provide extensive education to our team, ranging from executives to sales staff, emphasizing consumer advocacy and privacy practices. Our executives often lead by example, presenting best practices at industry events.

Record Keeping Integrity Maintaining accurate and complete records is a fundamental responsibility of all associates. We strictly prohibit falsification or inappropriate destruction of records, especially if they are under legal scrutiny. Associates are encouraged to consult our legal team with any record-related queries to avoid potential disciplinary or legal consequences.

Choosing SMS Communication SMS opt-in allows users to decide if they want to receive text messages or emails from us. This choice reflects our respect for user preferences and our commitment to transparent communication.

Fostering Open Communication Open communication defines our workplace culture. Associates are encouraged to share ideas or concerns freely, ensuring ethical decision-making and problem-solving. Should issues arise, associates can seek further assistance from Human Resources or our internal compliance team.

Thorough Investigation Procedures We promise prompt and confidential investigation into unethical behavior reports. Our internal compliance team leads these investigations, ensuring accuracy and fairness. Associates are expected to cooperate fully, with corrective actions implemented as necessary to prevent future issues.

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