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How We Help Repair Your Credit

Client Status Portal

We give you real-time access to your status from anywhere an internet connection is available. You can log in and view the status of your credit repair.

Monthly Improvements

An 8% average each month may seem like a small improvement, but in six months that can mean up to a 48% improvement in your overall credit report.

Low Monthly Cost

We offer a low monthly package plan to meet your specific needs and you can cancel your subscription anytime with 30-day written notice.

Track Your Results

Your personalized portal details your credit solutions in understandable formats, allowing you to monitor your account status at anytime.

24/7 Customer Service

The interactive client portal allows you to can communicate with our staff through an interactive notes system with 24/7 access.

Always Low Fees

There is a one-time $35 consultation fee that is applied to your first payment if you join our service within 7 days of your consultation. This fee is non-refundable.


How Long Does it Take?

Our client’s average 18.7 removals in 4 months!
This is among the best credit repair results in the industry

How Much Does it Cost?

We understand that individual Credit Reports and financial situations are unique, for this reason we offer credit repair package options.

What are the Results?

To help you achieve overall improvement and obtain lender approved credit for an affordable price.

Our Services

We are not only a credit repair service company, we also help you win money for inaccurately reported data on your report through our facilitated legal services. Credit1Solutions.com has the knowledge and experience required to help you correct your credit reports. The credit bureaus must remove inaccurate, untimely, and unverifiable information from your credit reports based on Federal Laws. We can help.

Credit Repair Services

Everyone’s credit repair needs are unique and financial situations are different so this is why Credit1Solutions.com offers three different credit repair solution packages you can choose from. Our client’s average 18.7 removals in 4 months! This is among the best credit repair services results in the industry. Our goal is to help you improve your credit score and obtain lender-approved credit at an affordable price.

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Facilitated Legal Services

Every 1 out of 2 clients have credit report violations and don’t know it. Creditors, collection agencies, and credit reporting agencies are required to use compliance codes when they report your data. That data is oftentimes recorded inaccurately causing lower credit scores and more automated lender denials. In 2020, Credit1Solutions.com helped facilitate 1.8 million in lawsuit settlements fighting bad data, getting the release of owed debts, and the removal of inaccurate information. Let us review your credit report and help you facilitate a state or federal case against these violators damaging your credit.

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What is BAD Credit?

300 to 650

Credit score scale
Bad Credit Graphic Credit Repair Services

A score less than 650 is considered bad credit. Bad credit scores could prevent you from:


Good Car
Loan Rates

Low Interest
Credit Cards


15 Years in Business

Our trusted expert team has been serving our customers nationwide since 2006 and removed 643,251 negative items in 2020. Credit1Solutions.com provides credit repair services and facilitated legal services for inaccurate reported data on your credit reports. We comply with all federal regulations outlined in SEC.402(a) Credit Repair Organization Act.

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Why You Can Trust Us

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What we can delete

  • Collections

  • Late Payments

  • Charge Offs

  • Leins

  • Security Issues

  • Repossessions

  • Bankruptcies

  • Judgements

  • Credit Inquiries

 Google Reviews and Testimonials

Credit can be tricky, not destroying it but fixing it. Credit1Solutions over a short period of time has helped restore my personal credit score to an excellent rating, something I could not accomplish on my own. They not only helped fix my score but advised me along the way so that my bad credit score rating will never happen again, I also really appreciate their immediate response to all my questions and concerns. Because of Credit1Solutions I am now closer to negotiating the purchase of my dream home with a strong credit score behind me and feel confident that I’ll be able to do many other things to help me grow and prosper. Thank you Credit1Solutions I couldn’t have done this without you.

Kelly Boone, 48% Improvement |Repaired and or Deleted Items 37 out of 77| In Just 45 Days

I’ve had a great experience with credit1solutions. In such short time they helped fixed my credit. They have responded quickly to my inquiries. I would definitely recommend them to any and every one.

Melissa Murial, 80% Improvement | 62 of 84 Negative Items were Repaired or Deleted.

Credit1solutions has worked really hard to help me improve my credit. I was in need of a new car and place to live after my divorce and required good credit to even be considered. Credit1solutions.com gave me tips and a lot of guidance to get this achieved. I can’t thank Robert, Jared and their team in working so hard for me. I recommend Credit1Solutions to all my friends and people I come in contact with, so they can have financial freedom also. Thank you again Credit1Solutions team.

Lenore Pelle, Repaired-Deleted 204 Negative Items Out of 274

I went to Credit1Solutions.com curious about how they could help me. Robert and his team were HIGHLY recommended by my employer. Every encounter I have had with the staff at this company has been genuine and they are so helpful. Not only are they in the business of helping with credit situations, Robert does personal financial counseling for no extra charge and thoroughly wants his customers to live a great life!

Brittany Keeton

I will highly recommend Credit1Solutions for your needs if you are ready to purchase a new home or car. My credit rating was very low. I spoke with Robert, he was able to assure me that Credit1Solutions will be able to resolve my problems that I could purchase my new home. He also offered sound advice to help me.

Earlrene Coleman, Removed 34 Items | In Just 90 Days

Credit1Solutions is great. Robert did not promise “the moon”. He explained the process would take some time. When I started with them, my credit scores were in the high 400s and low 500s. After the suggested amount of time, and with their efforts, my scores rose to the mid 600s to low 700s, and I was able to qualify for my permanent home financing with the bank. (I was doing a temporary owner finance prior to that). I did my part to make sure that I did not cause any NEW negative credit items. I would strongly recommend this company!

Allen Hardwick, 43% Improvement | First 45 Days

Before I even enrolled, Credit1solutions, really took the time and went above and beyond to explain to me how important credit really is, When i enrolled in the program which has only been a couple of months, I have been amazed by how fast my credit begins to rise! I’m truly grateful to have this opportunity to work with credit1solutions.

Ashley McKinney, Repaired/Deleted Items 46/81 Questionable Items | In Just 90 Days