Image depicting Terms of Service document with a focus on compliance advice and consumer rights.


Welcome to, where we provide an interactive online portal to enhance your experience. Our team employs various communication methods, including phone, text, email, printed materials, mail, and multimedia content, to assist you effectively.

As a customer, you are responsible for maintaining a valid email address, phone number, mailing address, and internet access. You’ll need an internet browser supporting 128-bit strong encryption, such as Bing, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google, Safari, or Chrome, with the latest updates installed.

Document Submission and Review

Regularly check your updated status and submit necessary documents, including color copies of your Driver’s License, Social Security Card, and a recent proof of residence under 30 days old. We provide a list of accepted documents tailored for both military and non-military customers. For clarifications, feel free to contact our staff.

Portal Features and Educational Resources

Our portal offers educational materials, document requirements, potential credit report responses, additional resources, and status updates. You’ll also find a summary of your overall results, which we upload upon receipt.

Data Collection and Consent for Messaging

We collect personal data, including email, name, and demographics, through website registration, in-person sign-ups, or phone calls. is authorized to send and receive SMS messages until you opt out, covering performance, results, and contractual agreements. We disclose message and data rates, service delivery frequency, customer care information, and opt-out instructions for SMS messages.

Electronic Agreement and Contractual Obligations

Our electronic contracts offer additional protection and clarity, including a dated and timed agreement based on your signup date, ensuring transparency in chargebacks, your chosen payment schedules and terms of service.

Payment Schedule and Fees

Your initial Credit Report Fee is collected on the service day, followed by the First Payment/Administration Fee post the 3-day cancellation period, covering preparation work. Monthly Service Charges are collected monthly, post 30 days from the first payment date. Your contract includes the selected service charge, and any modifications require written authorization and approval by the President.

Legal Compliance and Electronic Signatures

Our electronic signatures comply with relevant legislation, including The Federal E-Sign Act, and are encrypted for security.

Service Options Overview

We offer various credit repair programs tailored to unique credit situations, including Comprehensive Service, Fresh Start Services, and Fastrac Service.

First Payment Fee Explanation

Charged within 3 to 10 days post-agreement as per C.R.O.A. laws.

Secondary Payment Process

We adjust your account in case of payment method updates to ensure uninterrupted service.

Customer Responsibilities and Agreement

Forward all credit bureau correspondence to us and keep your contact information updated. You acknowledge our limited ability to serve without accurate contact information.

Disclaimers and Cancellation Policies

Cancel without penalty within three business days of signing. A 30-day written notice is required for cancellation, with post-cancellation fees applicable for services rendered during the notice period. All cancellations and changes must be in writing.

Service Scope and Legal Fees

Services include document preparation and consulting. In case of legal action for unpaid balances, court proceedings occur in Hardin County, Kentucky.

Return and Dishonor Fees

A $25.00 late fee applies for any returned or dishonored payments.

Collections and Dispute Authorization

You authorize us to dispute questionable items on your credit report, covering all associated legal and collection fees.

Power of Attorney

Grant full authority to represent you in communications with credit agencies and the creation and signing of correspondence related to your credit report.

Payment Schedule Changes

Notify us 3 business days prior to a scheduled payment for any changes, subject to a $9.95 fee.

Compliance with Laws

We adhere to all relevant federal, state, and local laws and regulations related to consumer privacy, protection, credit, lending, and banking.