Trusted Leader of Credit Repair- CODE OF ETHICS

Code of Ethics Overview

Defining Our Commitment

At, our actions and interactions shape our reputation. We are committed to ethical business practices and hiring individuals who make sound decisions. Our associates are expected to uphold honesty and integrity in all business matters.

Our Ethical Commitment

Compliance with Laws adheres to all applicable laws and regulations worldwide. Beyond compliance, we prioritize ethical behavior in every aspect of our operations.

Guidelines and Core Values

While no document can cover every ethical challenge, these Guidelines, combined with our core values, office manuals, and guidance from Leaders and Human Resource associates, provide direction to our associates in navigating ethical issues.


Fulfilling Ethical Roles

To foster an ethical environment, every associate has specific responsibilities.’s Responsibilities

  • Policy Development: Developing policies and guidance on business ethics.
  • Providing Guidance: Offering advice to associates on ethical matters.
  • Preventing Violations: Taking measures to prevent future ethical breaches.
  • Supportive Work Conditions: Maintaining working conditions that support ethical responsibilities.
  • Investigating Violations: Investigating alleged violations of these Guidelines.
  • Confidentiality: Maintaining confidentiality to the extent consistent with legal and ethical obligations.

Leaders’ Special Responsibilities

  • Leading by Example: Demonstrating ethical behavior as role models.
  • Ensuring Understanding: Ensuring associates comprehend these Guidelines.
  • Emphasizing Commitment: Stressing the importance of adhering to these Guidelines.
  • Fostering Openness: Creating an environment for discussing ethical issues without fear.
  • Supporting Investigations: Supporting ethics investigations when required.
  • Vendor and Contractor Expectations: Communicating the expectation that’s contractors, vendors, and agents comply with these Guidelines.

All Associates’ Responsibilities

  • Guideline Knowledge: Understanding and complying with these Guidelines.
  • Creating Ethical Environments: Contributing to a workplace conducive to upholding these Guidelines.
  • Seeking Help: Seeking assistance from Human Resources when unsure of the right course.
  • Reporting Violations: Reporting violations of these Guidelines.
  • Legal and Regulatory Awareness: Learning the legal and regulatory requirements relevant to their roles.

Equal Employment Opportunity and Anti-Harassment

Our Commitment to Diversity is dedicated to equal opportunity employment. We make decisions without regard to protected statuses, promoting diversity and a discrimination-free workplace.

Client Relationships

Trust and Transparency
Associates are expected to interact with clients in an honest, trustworthy manner, upholding’s reputation.

Proprietary Information

Protecting Key Assets
Information is vital to our success. Associates must maintain strict confidentiality regarding client data and proprietary information.

Confidentiality Obligation
An associate’s duty to protect’s confidential information extends even after leaving the company.

Celebratory Dinners

Employment Outside
Associates have the right to engage in private activities outside of, but conflicts of interest must be avoided.

Disclosure of Conflicts
Associates must disclose activities outside of that conflict with our interests