Victims of identity theft or fraud can add a Fraud Alert, also known as a Security Alert to Credit file.

Click online alerts to add an initial 90-day Fraud Alert to your credit file.

You may also use the online alerts form to add an Active Duty Alert for military personnel. Upon the direct request of an active duty military consumer, or an individual acting on behalf of or as a personal representative of such consumer, an Active Duty Alert may be added to the consumer’s file for 12 months and excludes the consumer from prescreened lists for two years (unless the consumer or representative requests that it be removed earlier.)

Victims of identity theft or fraud may add an Extended Fraud Alert that will remain on the credit file for up to seven years. Requests must be submitted in writing.

To add an Extended Fraud Alert, update your Fraud Alert, including the telephone numbers listed in the fraud alert, or to remove the Fraud Alert from your credit file, you must send two forms of acceptable documentation. The documents you provide must contain your current name, address, a photo ID, and Social Security number.

When requesting an Extended Fraud Alert (not an update or removal), you must also include a copy of the original Identity Theft Report (Police Report.)

Please submit the appropriate documents from the document types listed below.

Government-issued identification cards (state or federal) – some examples are: Social Security card, Driver’s license/State ID, Military ID, Birth certificate, Passport or Medicare card.

Social Security number

  • Government-issued identification card (state or federal)
  • Pay stub (containing complete Social Security number)
  • Letter from the Social Security administration
  • W2


  • Marriage license or divorce decree
  • Legal name change
  • W2

Date of Birth

  • Government-issued identification card (state or federal)


  • Government-issued identification card (state or federal)
  • Current utility bill
  • Current lease agreement
  • Current billing statement
  • W2

Note – only one form of identification is required for Social Security number, Date of Birth or address change.