CFPB Launches Rental Assistance Finder for Pandemic Aid

Introduction to the Rental Assistance Finder

On July 28, 2021, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) unveiled an online tool aimed at supporting renters and landlords affected by the pandemic. The Rental Assistance Finder, accessible at, guides users to state and local payment assistance programs for rent, utilities, and more.

A Solution for Renters and Landlords

CFPB Acting Director Dave Uejio highlighted the tool’s benefits. He noted, “Millions are behind on rent due to the pandemic. This tool helps find assistance, benefiting both renters and landlords and preventing evictions.”

The Current Rental Crisis

Data from June 23 to July 5 shows 16% of renting adults are behind on payments. Nearly half fear eviction soon. The federal government has allocated over $46 billion for housing cost relief, with programs across all states.

How the Finder Works

The Rental Assistance Finder simplifies connecting with local assistance programs. It’s a step towards securing funding for those struggling to pay housing costs.

Federal Resources for Housing Relief

The CFPB collaborates with federal agencies to offer resources at This hub provides updated relief information, protections, and deadlines for homeowners and renters.

Additional CFPB Actions

The CFPB, with the FTC, monitors illegal evictions and clarifies obligations under the Fair Credit Reporting Act during the pandemic. This includes the treatment of rental assistance payments.


The Rental Assistance Finder is a critical resource for accessing rental aid during the pandemic. Visit the CFPB’s website to explore available assistance options.