Spending less helps you save money, which can be used to pay down credit card debt. To accomplish this, create a monthly budget.

Get copies of credit card and checking account statements for the past year to see where you’ve been spending your money.

For example, a couple that goes to the movies once each month at $40 per date spends more than $500 per year if they put those tickets, drinks and popcorn on a credit card and carry the balance.

It may sound like a stretch, but cutting one cup of coffee and one casual dining lunch per week can save you another $800 or more.

And, buying generics and waiting for grocery sales can help you save another $1,400 each year.

Now switch to the selling side of things. Go through your garage, basement and closets, and look for items you can sell in a yard sale or on Craigslist to bring in some extra cash to put toward your credit cards.