Explanation of Customer Portal and Contents.

Credit1solutions.com will provide the customer with an online portal to improve the customer experience. Our offices may use notes, suggested text, instructions and other information formatted to better serve its customers using the following methods if applicable: phone, text, e-mail, printed materials, mail, video, audio, and customer’s online portal. The customer agrees to adhere to having a valid email address, phone number, mailing address, internet access for status updates located in customers assigned online portal and internet browser that supports 128-bit strong encryption such as Bing, Microsoft, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google, Safari or Chrome with the latest updated versions.

The customer will agree to review his/her updated status, provide all required documents mentioned in the online portal tab named: Required Documents that request color copies of each customer Driver’s License, Social Security Card and 1 proof of Residence with same address as in agreement that is less than 30 days in age. As explained in the Required Documents tab our office provides a preferred list and secondary list of Proof of residence for both military and nonmilitary customers. Any questions, contact staff today.

The online portal provides reading material to support education, clients required documents, potential credit report responses and how a customer handles each, additional resources, status updates of what to expect and when the results should be received by customer and forwarded to our offices as well as the summary of customer overall results that we upload once received.

How we collect consumer data and consumer consent to receiving messages.

When someone registers within our website form, or in person or by phone a completed contact information data is commonly required to be filled out. Credit1solutions.com may require an email address, name, and other demographics like age, gender, phone, employer, date of birth, social security information, driver’s license data, current and previous address and more.

  • Messages that will be sent or to inform client(s) performance, results and expectations agreed upon with said client(s) contractual agreements.
  • Credit1solutions.com and its employees are authorized to send/receive SMS messages until client agrees to opt/out.
  • Fee disclosure (“Message and data rates may apply”)
  • Service delivery frequency or recurring messages disclosure ( clients average 3 to 5 messages per month)
  • Customer care information (typically “Text HELP for help” or Help at 270-201-5089)
  • Opt out instructions for SMS messages (typically “Text STOP SMS Messages)

Explanation of Coded authorized electronic agreement / contract.

This additional protection allows the satisfaction to each client a guaranteed and binding contract that is dated / timed based on his / her signup date to further support miscellaneous chargeback’s as well as guaranty each client that his / her scheduled payment dates are pre-selected using the online website application from steps 1 of 3 for services with Credit1solutions.com.

Determining Contract Scheduled Dates.

* Step 2 of 3 online sign-up is provided with both text / audio disclaimers prior to signup.

  • The fee credit report fee is collected the day of service and is for a one-time credit report charge.
  • The First Payment or Administration Payment is collected in the arrears and after the 3 day cancellation period ends. This fee is for prep work and not considered casework or service work under the C.R.O.A. however our office will abide by same rules as C.R.O.A. and never charge for this First Payment upfront per Credit Repair Organization Act for any consumer. Located in the terms & conditions of said contract, the text explains the events that will take place prior to your agreed First Payment scheduled date as well as the prior disclaimers that were provided during step 2 of your signup. To better serve you, our office also provided an audio disclaimer in step 2. The Audio disclaimer is provided to enhance the importance of our compliance during your signup process. If you disagree, then you have 3 days to cancel from the signup date. This content is both emailed as pdf to the email address you provided at signup as well as your physical agreement located in your attachment section under your client portal along with a cancellation policy for up to 30 days. The attachment is requested to be downloaded prior to its removal.
  • The service charges are collected month to month and paid in the arrears and never upfront per Credit Repair Organization Act. Credit1solutions.com collects your monthly selected service starting 30 days from the scheduled first payment date. This date is automatically configured 30 days from your pre-selected selected First Payment date.

Determining Contract Pricing Structures.

* Step 2 of 3 online sign-up is provided with text / audio disclaimers prior to signup.

(a) Monthly Service charge prices become part of the contract by listing the customers selected service charge in the Agreement. The customer has 3 day cancellation prior to the FIRST PAYMENT if notified in writing as explained in terms and conditions. We request the customer to notify office of Credit1solutions.com of any illegal activities however if the customer cannot provide accurate and legal notices then all payments are owed Credit1solutions.com for services agreed and performed. Any additional Increase in the Contract Sum or balances owed is adjusted through internal Change Orders, Customer request in writing received by mail, the customers note online or email received by customer received by cs@credit1solutions.com . Voice mails or Phone request are not accepted. Any changes are not permissible unless authorized by President of offices.

Determining the Contract Time.

(a) Credit1solutions.com does not guaranty any specific time frame to correct inaccuracies, errors or mistakes that may be affecting a customer personal or business credit report provided by Equifax, Experian, TransUnion, Third Party Credit Report, Specialty Credit Report, Creditor, Collection Agency and or Furnisher. Customer agrees to a month to month agreement.

Determining the Contract Outcome of Results.

(a) Credit1solutions.com does not guaranty any specific result to correct inaccuracies, errors or mistakes that may be affecting a customer personal or business credit report provided by Equifax, Experian, TransUnion, Third Party Credit Report, Specialty Credit Report, Creditor, Collection Agency and or Furnisher.

Determining the Contract Credit Score of Results.

  • Credit1solutions.com does not guarantee any specific credit score that may be lowered or raised at any time with a customer personal or business credit report or credit score provided by Equifax, Experian, TransUnion, Third Party Credit Report, Specialty Credit Report, Creditor, Collection Agency and or Furnisher.
  • Credit1solutions.com post text in its contract that states all customers using its services have read, understand and have agreed the selected services are financially acceptable. Credit1solutions.com makes no promise that any unpaid balances will not warrant legal collection services for nonpayment of fees accumulated due to changes, updates and insufficient payments not collected. All parties have agreed that all legal suits, court appearances, motions filed will be located in Hardin County of Kentucky.

Determining Modifications and Additions.

(a) All requested scheduled payment dates and fees must be provided in writing prior to any modifications. Modifications include  but not limited to his / her updated Personal Summary information, Payment Change Dates, New Payment information, Cancellations, and any Additional Questionable Negative item request not represented in the original credit report start date on file that may be modified by Credit1solutions.com to meet the demands of the customer. Customer will ensure that any modified or added text is consistent with the Contract Documents. Unless otherwise stated all, areas shall not be altered without approval of the Office of the President.

Legal Compliance Information.

  • Electronic Signatures Have the Same Legal Effect as Pen-And-Ink, As Long As They’re Executed through a Process. Our Comprehensive E-Signing Process is fully Compliant with all Relevant Legislation and guidelines including The FEDERAL E SIGN ACT, State Laws Modeled after UETA, and FFIEC Guidelines for Financial Institutions, and Gramm-Leach-Bliley.
  • All Documents are encrypted at all times so that only designated individuals can read and sign them. We offer several levels of signer authentication; each signer creates a unique electronic signature. Every event in the life of a document is logged, dated, and time stamped, and we attach a court-admissible audit trail to every signed digital envelope

Determining Your Service Options.

At credit1solutions.com we understand that everyone’s credit report and financial situations are unique. This is why we offer several specific and unique opportunities named; Comprehensive Service, Fresh Start Services and Fast Trac Service. These services are proven credit repair programs. When you become a credit1solutions.com customer, you have the option to select the best credit repair program to your specific credit situation and goals.
We will ensure you will receive not only affordable, but premier credit report repair and superior customer service. Our service is based upon extensive research of consumer credit laws, experience with credit bureau and creditor tactics, and persistence for our customers. Our services are 100% legal and have helped thousands of clients correct and update their credit profiles resulting in both higher scores and overall improved history of the credit reports and with no promised guaranties.

Explanation of Your First Payment Fee.

Each Credit1Solutions.com customer will be charged this Fee within 3 to 10 Days after the agreed work has been performed per C.R.O.A. Laws. Each customer is responsible for his/her selected payment dates and agrees that the selected date was completed in STEP 2 of the Signup.

C.R.O.A. laws however we do recommend each client to read the following items to understand the quality of services provided to enhance your overall experience:

  • Analysis of Credit Reports (Equifax, Experian and or Transunion, Specialty CRA, and or third party bureau).
  • Explain/Provide Copies of Federal Laws Per Sec 2451. Regulation of Credit Repair Organizations and Guidelines of FCRA Laws.
  • Client Agrees that Services Rendered will Not Cause Any Financial Harm nor Replace any other Owed Financial Obligations.
  • Client Agrees to the Delivery/Retrieval of Signed Documents by Way Of (Electronically)
  • Credit1solutions.com agrees to upload to Section F the following:
    All Credit Report Components deemed to be inaccurate, untimely or unverifiable by each individual customer.
  • To Provide each customers his/her Online Portal with the following:
    Self Help Educational Library, Notes section, Attachments section, Status section, Summary section. Each area provided has unique functions and features.

Explanation of Secondary Payment.

In case your primary card is updated by its provider and you have failed to contact our billing department prior to scheduled payment date our billing department will then adjust your account to ensure case work is not compromised. You can control which is listed as Primary and Secondary Payment method, after you have fully registered. If you have any questions, contact our staff 1-877-782-7839

Customer Agrees.

  • Each individual customer/client  to forward all original correspondence from the credit bureaus including consumer credit reports to Credit1Solutions.com
  • Each individual customer/client to inform Credit1Solutions.com if a change in address or other contact information within five days.
  • Each individual customer/client that Credit1Solutions.com is limited in its ability to provide services without current contact information.
  • Each individual customer/client that agrees they are not an employee of any credit reporting agency nor am I retaining Credit1Solutions.com under any such false pretense.
  • Each individual customer/client to provide required documents
  • Each individual customer/client that the success of Credit1Solutions.com program depends on each individual customer/client fulfillment of these commitments.


I (We) understand that since the success of Credit1Solutions.com program depends on the completion of the above commitments and the willingness of the individual credit reporting agencies to comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FRCA), Credit1Solutions.com cannot guarantee any specific results.

Each Individual customer/client understands agrees that any documentation or correspondence sent to Credit1Solutions.com shall become the property of Credit1Solutions.com. Correspondence between the credit reporting agencies and Credit1Solutions.com is confidential and is the property of Credit1Solutions.com and hereby waives any right to view or receive any copies of said correspondence.

3 Day Cancellation Policy.

This contract may be cancelled without penalty or obligation at any time before midnight on the third business day after this contract was signed.

30 Day Cancellation Policy.

After the 3rd business day of signed contract with Credit1Solutions.com may be cancelled at any time in writing with a 30 days advance notice. Any customer further agrees to pay all outstanding charges based on signed contract. All customers agree that no Voice Mail Messages or contacting a credit1solutions.com representative by phone is considered a valid cancellation request. All customers agree that all cancellation requests should include members name(s) and address(s) and must be delivered by any one of these mentioned options:

  • E-mailed to cs@credit1solutions.com
  • Uploaded to each customer’s online client note section.
  • Mailed to Credit1Solutions.com 5284 N Dixie Hwy, Elizabethtown, KY 42701.
  • Office visit to complete 30 day cancellation notice

Cancellation Disclaimers.

Any / All mail, notes, emails, hand delivered notices, documents from former customers and documents from current customers received by Credit1solutions.com located at 5284 N Dixie Hwy Elizabethtown, KY 42701 are dated and timed stamped and placed with customers server files. These items are secured for 36 months. Any of the mentioned deliverables will not be accepted if the cancellation notices are back dated. All cancellation notices received by mail will be honored if the mailed out date matches the cancellation notice date.

Billing after Cancellation Notice has been received by Credit1solutions.Com.

All customers by signing this electronic agreement understand when a customer cancels services between the 1st and 31st of any month and have been billed last month the customer acknowledges and will agree to pay for this month’s service charges NEXT month due to a 30 DAY notice since all month to month payments are collected in the arears and or never upfront. The FIRST PAYMENT collected is not considered a month to month service charge and not for credit repair as explained in 4 and 14 terms and conditions. The said customer agrees to pay for services by the primary or secondary form of payment provided in agreement or an authorized Credit1solutions.com change of payment.

Determining the Terminology of Services.

Each individual understands the fees paid to Credit1Solutions.com are for document preparation and consulting and not credit repair. Furthermore I have read and understood the First Payment is a separate charge and not collected as your selected month to month service fee. Customer acknowledges and agrees to pay all court cost, attorney fees, and reasonable fees to collect wage garnishments for uncollected payable funds. Customer agrees that court proceedings will take place in Hardin County Courts of Elizabethtown, Ky. 42701

Returned or Dishonored Payment.

If any payment is returned or dishonored by your primary form of payment, secondary form of payment and or alternate form of payment that is: processed by credit card, debit card or ACH Credit1solutions.com we will redraft the payment and add a $25.00 late fee.

Collections Owed for Services.

Each individual agrees to pay for all court cost, legal fees and collection agency fees.

Questionable Items Appealed.

Each individual customer/client authorizes Credit1Solutions.com to dispute all negative/inaccurate credit items on his/her credit report that each client is responsible for indicating within his/her assigned client portal. If the individual customer/client believe them to be inaccurate, untimely or unverifiable.

Power of Attorney.

Each individual customer/client hereby allows/gives Credit1Solutions.com, LLC full power and authority to represent them in the following activities: A. Communication with the national credit agencies, specialty credit agencies, third party bureaus, creditors and collection agencies. B. The acceptance and review of my credit reports, notices, documentation, agreements from these agencies. C. The disputation of any information published by creditors, attorneys and credit reporting agencies on the basis of inaccuracy, unverifiable and untimely reported items. D. The creation and signature on my behalf of all correspondence with any organization or individual relating to my credit report.

Change Payment Schedule.

Should you wish to change a scheduled payment we require that you notify us within 3 business days prior to a payment. Changing your payment requires a $9.95 fee. The change of payment cannot extend 10 days from the original scheduled payment date.

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