Repair Process Outlined

Dedicated credit repair is not just a letter mailed, it’s a process to beat and compete against a multibillion dollar machine called: E-Oscar, OCR, Furnishers, Post Master and the client’s actions. The credit report is no more than allegations. Unfortunately, most people never challenge these allegations. By retaining our services, our clients enter a plea of “not guilty”. It is then up to the credit bureaus, collection companies and creditors to perform an investigation. If they claim to have investigated the allegation, we appeal the decision and eventually most allegations are removed or repaired. The credit bureaus do not concern themselves with the impact of any mistakes. Information is frequently inaccurate and does not represent the consumer. As a result, good creditworthy citizens are tagged as “deadbeats.” Remember, every court case is unique, just like every credit report is unique. That is why we spend the necessary time drafting personal disputes. Each negative item receives a custom drafted dispute. We compete against 60,000 challenges each week and against machines put into place to deter the process.

What you get:


Credit1Solutions.com is constantly monitoring laws about credit reporting and adjusting our methods.


We NEVER use form letters. Many so called Credit Repair Clinics vs Firms will use the same letter for ALL their clients. This proves ineffective. Our case WORK department will prepare custom disputes.


Our service is built around being effective and easy for you. As a result, what you see is what you get. THERE ARE NO HIDDEN FEES. You have enough to worry about in your regular life without having to wonder where the catch is. We are here to make this process free of worry.


Unlike other companies that charge you a fee for each dispute, we offer unlimited disputes at no additional cost. You pay one flat monthly fee, regardless of how many. We will also dispute with the problem creditors or collection companies for a low affordable price if required.


Some credit repair companies charge you extra fees for each individual deletion. Our process is geared to protecting your rights. You will never be charged extra for simply doing the job you hired us to do.


Our services are provided on a month-to-month basis, you choose how long or how short a period to employ us. You have the option of cancelling at any time, without any extra charges.


Our significant experience in helping clients just like you has allowed us to develop some of the most effective strategies and procedures available. As a result, we pass the savings directly to our clients. The low monthly service fee of $79.95, 99.95 or  $349.95 per month for individuals and or married couples alike.

Credit1Solutions.com does not charge Advanced Fees to its clients.

Credit1solutions.com abides by all laws/provisions of the CROA: SEC. 402(a) CREDIT REPAIR ORGANIZATIONS ACT. Title IV of the Consumer Credit Protection Act (Public Law 90-321, 82 Stat. 164).

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