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Attention all soldiers and civilians! Your credit score plays a vital role in your financial life, but the Credit Bureaus and their reporting companies may have made errors on your credit report. Many people are unaware of the extent of inaccurate information present on their credit reports, and the severity of the impact caused by these mistakes. Companies are required to invest significant resources in training their employees to report credit issues correctly to Equifax®, TransUnion® Innovis®, and Experian® using the standard reporting system, Metro 2®. However, not all companies comply with these requirements. As a result, Credit1Solutions®, based in Hardin County and headquartered in Elizabethtown, has the capability to take legal action on your behalf against credit card companies, creditors, and credit bureaus. On average, we file 3-to-9 lawsuits to rectify the credit errors affecting you.

The Credit1Solutions Difference:

Beyond Dispute Letters

A multi-faceted approach to your credit health

Empowering Knowledge

Tools and resources to help you take control of your credit

Assisting Legal Action

On average, we file 3-to-9 lawsuits to rectify the credit errors affecting clients

Restoring Good Credit

Putting you back in control of your financial decisions

Our Experience Saving Soldier’s Security Clearance

According to Veteran.com, “Financial issues consistently rank as the number one (#1) reason why people have their security clearances denied or revoked. A FICO score below 650 (bad credit) is usually an indication of financial issues that need to be addressed. To date Credit1Soutions has repaired over 1,000 Military Member’s credit reports and protected their Security Clearance status.

Helping Everyone Achieve Their Dreams

You don’t need to be a soldier relying on security clearance to benefit from restoring your good credit. Credit1Solutions debt and counseling services have helped over 30,000 families restore their dreams of home ownership through good credit and helped empower people to take charge of their credit health.

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Better Business Bureau - #1 Rated

Rated “Best Credit Repair Company” in the United States (May 26, 2023) June, July, August 2023

Credit1Solutions’s impressive 18.7 average item removal rate in a 6-9 month span may also be a good reason for consumers to choose its services.”

Why is my credit score low?

Here are some of the most common causes of a low credit score and what you can do to start repairing it: Bankruptcy (or other Public Record) on your credit report — This is a proven indicator of risk with future payments and causes a significant drop to your credit score over an extended period of time. –

What you can do — Make all future payments on time. The impact on your credit score from the bankruptcy (or other Public Record) will diminish over time. Too many delinquent or derogatory accounts —

Your credit score will drop if you have too many accounts with payments that are at least 30 days late and/or on which a lender has reported a derogatory status. Sometimes this is a result of identity theft. Late payments are a proven indicator of increased risk. People with late payments are at risk of being overextended, putting existing credit with lenders at risk. –

What you can do — Paying bills on time every month is important to maintaining a good credit score. If you remain behind with any payments, bring them current as soon as possible, and then make future payments on time. Over time, this will have a positive impact on your score. Lack of sufficient credit history —

Your credit file does not contain enough information about your use of credit. A credit file with older accounts and/or more accounts reflects more experience with handling credit and can have a positive impact on your credit score. –

What you can do — Maintaining open and active credit accounts in good standing can help improve your credit score Oldest account was opened too recently —

A credit file containing older accounts will have a positive impact on your credit score because it demonstrates that you are experienced managing credit. –

What you can do — Don’t open more accounts than you actually need. Research shows that new accounts indicate greater risk. Your score will benefit as your accounts get older. Too many inquiries on your credit report — If a lender runs a credit check when you apply for credit, an inquiry is reported to the credit bureaus. This can lower your score a small amount, typically by 10 to 20 points. The credit score model takes rate shopping, e.g., for a mortgage or car loan, into consideration. –

What you can do — All inquiries for mortgages, auto loans, and major credit cards that appear in your credit file within a 14-day window are interpreted as a single inquiry. Another time inquiries never count against your score is when you check your own credit or obtain your own credit score.