If you believe that any item of information contained in your credit file is incomplete or incorrect, we will investigate the item.

  1. You can initiate an investigation online. Based on the result of the investigation, we will either update the current status of the disputed information (which may include letting you know if the furnisher of the information verified it was reporting correctly) or delete the item from your file.

Please note – when completing the online form, the Confirmation Number field is not a required field.

Completion of the dispute process can take up to 30 days for requests made under the FCRA and up to 45 days for requests made under the annual free credit report.

Within five days of completion of the investigation of your dispute, the results of the investigation will be sent to you via First Class mail or online depending on the origin of your request. The consumer report will include contact information and a toll-free number where you can reach a CSC Credit Services representative should you have questions.

You must include the following information with all disputes submitted in writing including any follow-up to your dispute. This information must be provided for each dispute, even if you have already provided the same information in a previous dispute.

  • Your full name (including suffix, if applicable)
  • Current address and former address(es) within the last five years
  • Social Security number
  • Date of Birth
  • Complete Company name and Account number for the item(s) that you are disputing
  • All information or documentation to support your dispute

For updates or changes to your name or address:

If your personal information (name, address, etc.) is incorrect on your credit file, we recommend that you first contact each of your creditors and confirm that your personal information is correct in their records. Updating your personal information with your creditors will help to ensure that information reported by your creditor is correct.