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Lifestyle Choices That Effect Your Credit

9 CREDIT SCORES YOU NEVER KNEW EXISTED You already know about your credit risk score, more commonly known as your FICO Credit Score. That is the one we normally think of when we talk about credit scoring but are your aware that you are being analyzed based on other lifestyle choices and these Nine other types of Consumer Scores that are relatively unknown — that affect you tremendously: Revenue Score - This score measures how much money you are likely to make the creditor. This is measured by rank-ordering your revolving credit accounts by how much of a revenue source you might be in the future. Bankruptcy Score - Predicts if you are likely to declare bankruptcy. It looks at data such as how many high-balance and delinquent accounts you have. Creditors know that anyone who has a high number of late payments or maxed-out accounts is headed for trouble. Response Score - You know all those “pre-approved” offers you get in the mail? Someone is tallying the number you throw away. The more offers you accept, the higher your response score. Attrition Score - This score addresses the likelihood that you may leave one lender for another. If your score is high enough, you will get convenience checks in the mail; or even a personal phone call from the creditor, offering you incentives to stay with them. Behavior Score - This very specific score measures your overall performance with one creditor. Information includes how long you have had [...]

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