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Credit1Solutions.com provides legal and effective Credit Repair. We comply with all federal regulations outlined in SEC.402(a) Credit Repair Organization Act. Our purpose is twofold: to repair negative credit histories and to educate clients on maintaining positive credit ratings in the future. We believe that when we work together as a team, we can help you accomplish your financial goals and provide you the tools to keep you on the path to financial success.

5 Star Client Testimonial:  

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Dear Credit1Solutions.com Staff,

Credit1Solutions.com did a great job with my credit reports. When I first came to you my credit score was terrible and there were several incorrect and negative items on my credit reports that didn’t belong there. You and your staff worked hard and diligently to get all the incorrect, old, and negative items removed as well as helping with a few other related issues. At this point my credit score has significantly improved and now I’m no longer ashamed of it. As a result of my improved credit score, I can now apply for credit if necessary without being afraid of the embarrassment of being declined because my credit looks so bad. Thanks for all your help and all that you and your staff did to take care of this matter. It was well worth the time and investment!

                                  Louisville, KY. -Client of Credit1Solutions.com