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The portal gives you real-time access to your status from anywhere an internet connection is available. Now your schedule doesn't have to match our hours of operation. You can log in at your leisure and view the status of your credit repair directly from wherever you are. Each customer is provided with a username and password to log in. All of the customer data that is managed in our credit repair system is secure and is automatically updated into your customer portal.

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Client Status Portal (Copy of Video Transcript)

To ensure you have the best customer experience with, we have invested in state of the art technology to enhance our communication and to allow access to your file 24 Hours a day 7 days a week.

Let's walk you through how this advanced technology will be used throughout your credit repair process.

The first image you're looking at is where you will log into a high security environment. Technology used to safeguard your information is similar to systems used by on-line banking and government agencies.

When you first login you might see the contract we discussed, the contract will detail all aspects of the process and contains all required disclosures. We empower you with the ability to digitally signed this document which allows us to expedite the process so we can start working on your file. In this section you have the ability to also print the agreement.

If you have any questions our friendly staff will always be available to help. Upon your first login, you'll have the opportunity to watch this quick start video again once you enter the credit status portal. You'll notice several charts and a variety of options, the multiple charts will display up-to-date status of your progress. As you scroll down the page you'll notice an additional chart detailing information from the three main credit reporting agencies - Equifax - Experian - TransUnion. This will show you progress individually amongst those reporting agencies, most importantly, at the lower part of the page, important contact information for you to have access to throughout the credit restoration process.

For Example: Your coordinators name, your advisor's name, and followed by the individual (if applicable) that referred you to Also our technology allows you to instantly change the displayed language from the top of the screens that best suits your needs.

* The Status Screen helps reveal each individuals accounts and current disposition as well as any details from his/her status screen. You may also view the dispute history, this area details specific dates and status of the various disputes and what has been accomplished for you. Remember you have rights based on the fair credit reporting act. Any item that is on your credit report must meet three basic requirements

1. Each item must be reported within the allowable legal time frame for reporting.
2. Each items must be reporting 100% accurate information.
3. Each item must be reporting 100% verifiable information.

Our job is to ensure that the items listed on your credit reports are complying with your rights under various state and federal laws. We like to say if they cannot prove it that they must remove it! Throughout the entire process we continually audit your report to ensure compliance, protecting you against illegal reporting by the credit bureaus, and data furnishers.

* The Attachment Section gives you the ability to instantly attach files for us to view. It is extremely important that you open up all of your mail, even the mail that looks like junkmail, there will be correspondence that needs immediate attention and the fastest way to get us the data is to use the attachments section. Unless we are operating with a particular credit monitoring service. Prior to uploading, review each file to ensure that all pages of the document that you upload to us are legible and complete.
* The Notes Section allows you to communicate with us at the most convenient time for you. We at answer notes here quickly. This is a great way to keep track of everything in one place, simply click the add note button where you can put as much or as little information as you need to get your message to us.
* The Education Section is compiled of a variety of articles to help you understand the entire credit system, articles detailing information about your credit report, articles explaining what the job of credit reporting agencies are, and articles including how to read your credit report. This useful information will help you insure your knowledge of the credit system is up-to-date.
* The My Account Section enables you to view the details that we have on file.

  We hope this short video helps you understand's' investment in technology to ensure that we are providing the best possible service to you. We look forward to utilizing this technology as part of your credit repair restoration process. Thank you for choosing We truly appreciate your business and look forward to being a part of the positive change in your financial future.


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