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Your Credit Whether you’re buying a home, a car or applying for a credit card – lenders want to know the risk they’re taking by lending your money. Understanding how credit plays an important role in your life is an important step to improving your credit scores which can often help you qualify for better rates from lenders, which can save you money.

We believe the more insight you have about credit, the easier it is to strengthen your financial well-being. For more than a decade, has been America's number one Credit Repair provider of credit information. In addition to credit report repair, we offer help online to teach you how to successfully manage your credit rating.


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Next Things Next – Finding your score

You would think that finding out what your credit score is would be easy. In a way it is, but only because I have done my research and you will not have to spend time surfing websites looking for the ever elusive credit number. It would seem logical to have your credit score appear right on your credit report, but that is just not the way it is.

At one time, your credit score was a big secret known only to financial institutions and banks. With the FACT ACT, legislators decided that it was important for individuals to know not only what their personal credit scores are but how they are calculated and how to improve them.

The main company who calculates your credit score is the Fair Isaac Company commonly known as FICO. They invented the concept of the FICO scores so they are the ones who are known as experts in the industry. Before we go into finding your score, let’s look at a few facts about FICO scores.

Essentially, your credit is simply a snapshot of your credit use – it is the Cliffs Notes version of seven years of your borrowing history. In many lending situations, the lender bases its decision almost solely on your credit score. Consider your credit score the overall GPA of your borrowing history.

Now, here is the bad news. If you want to know your actual credit score, you will usually have to purchase it. This can be done in a few ways.

You can get it from one of the three major credit reporting agencies. Equifax, Experian, and Transunion. The fee is not a huge one – usually around 415 to $20. However, if you are serious about growing your credit score, it well worth the money to be financially responsible in the end.