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Credit Repair Questions


How do you help repair bad credit?
How Long Can it Take to Repair Credit?
Can I pay you more to do even more?
Can deleted items reappear on my credit report?
Do I need to pay any owed bills?
Does Paying My Bills Restore My Credit?
Do I need to see my credit reports first?
Can I repair my own credit?
How do I get updates on casework?
Why doesn't accept faxed credit reports?

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First Things First Your Credit Report
FICO and You
Next Things Next Finding Your Score
Establishing Good Credit
Repairing Your Credit Score
Identity Theft and Your Credit
Raising Your Credit Score

How do I get updates on casework?

As we work to improve your credit reports, the credit bureaus will send updated copies of your credit reports directly to your home. So, when you have items removed or improved, you will see them first on your credit reports. As these credit reports arrive, we ask that you mail photocopies of them to us so we can use this new information to continue working your case or you may upload to your credit repair client status portal. If you do not own or have the ability to use a scanner then feel free to drop them off or mail them U.S. Postal.