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Can I repair my own credit?

Yes. You have that legal right to work out your credit disputes with the national credit agencies and credit grantors yourself however you may find that its very similar to your same legal rights as a citizen to represent yourself in court.

Many people, however, choose to ask to work on their behalf because of our experience.

Also not to mention the amount of time and follow-up required to coordinate each questionable item disputed with all three credit reporting agencies and depending on your program selection each questionable creditor appearing on your credit report. We understand that the laws can be tricky and the dialogue requires you to properly respond to each credit bureau and creditor to keep the credit repair process moving. To manage this process for our clients, offers a trained staff, all using state of the art technology.

Over a decade of credit repair experience, we have worked to continually to improve daily our processes, not to be complacent and provide the best value for our clients. With that said, we encourage consumers to dispute their own credit if they have the desire, the time and knowledge to do so.